NEW GUIDE! + Updates + Info + More Info + Twitter 

Okay, So FINALLY Here's A New Guide. SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY. I'm Going to Have a new Guide Up Every Day. I already have 7 Guides Ready. And, I Reeeeeally Need Donations, Cause It's hard doing a site by yourself! So, Go ---> (CLICK ME) <--- To Donate Anything, If You see a clothing, accessory, or footwear that China has worn then DONATE Them! And, You can also Request Guides Here --> (CLICK ME) <--- Or On My Twitter @ChinaDollArmy :] Here --> (TWITTER) <-- That's It! BTW, This Guide Has Almost All Exacts!! Yay!

New Guide - ANT farm. 

I rarely do ANT Farm guides, so here is one...haha. I hope u like it. it was kind of hard finding ones for this outfit.

New Guide - PROM Premiere.

I Know I promised some new guides last night, but im working on a big update, like around 15 guides :} so its coming soon. but right now, im posting around 1-2 a day. ENJOY

 New Style Guide! - Calling All the Monsters.

Sorry for the late and small update. Its really hard doing this website by yourself. But if you wanna help then e-mail me at

New Style Guide+1 Nail Guide+Makeup Guide.

 I hope you like these updates. It Took me a while to make them. & China's new MV Calling All the Monsters came out tonight!! I'll Post the Video when it gets on Youtube :D

 New Style Guide :)Plus I'll have a new thing called nail guides, since China is always putting pics of her nails, xD

xoxox Naama August 27, 2011 1:48 PM

New Style Guide from the Dynamite Video!! Hope You Like it!!! :))

xoxoxo Naama August 6, 2011 5:03 AM

People Wanted me to add More style guides from ANT Farm, and this is the first one :) And there are more to come. Oh Yeah. I Will Update Once every day!!! Hope You Like this one <3

xoxoxo Naama July 30, 2011 7:58 AM 

New Style Guide.

New Hair Guide.

New Makeup Guide.\


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